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Anna Bessonova - Rope 2001

This routine was the 1st one composed for Anna before the first competitio under new COP - Deruigina Cup 2001. The music has a Spanish style and Anna is a great actress on the floor to form some beautiful lines. The music taken from Nyah (from Mission Impossible 2) by Hans Zimmer fits her a lot and that's the reason why at first this was the only routine she didn't change for 2002. I take as a sample Anya's World Championships version of this routine. She starts in a simple, but very expressionful position (photo 1) holding rope with 2 hands. You start to understand that something great will be shown Photo 1

Photo 2

As the music starts she performs rotations of rope on hand, throws the rope and performs leap combination : arch leap (0,3), split leap, where she catches the rope (TV 0,1 AV 0,1) and does a stag leap with turn during the flight. Having done some artistical steps, she does front balance (0,3 - photo 2), illusion backwards (0,3) and stag leap with turn on 180 during the flight (0,4), where she throws rope behind shoulder (AV 0,1). After the catch, she immediately throws rope again and after 0,3 arch leap, catches rope in stag leap with back bent and with straight rotation of rope (AV 0,2) and 0,3 pivot with leg aside, during which she wraps rope around the body, so that it worked without hands (0,1 - photo 3)
After that she does 360 pivot in penche balance (0,4), where rope is lying on the neck, stag leap with turn on 180, where she takes rope in her hand to do rotation of it during leap with two legs united with back bent (0,3). Then she tosses one end of rope in the air and having got it, starts another leap combination : stag leap with back bent (with rotation of rope_, split leap with turn of body on 180 (0,2) and walkover forwards with fixation of position in backscale (0,4). After that she does some expression movements with gathering rope on her arm. Photo 3
Photo 4 After that she holds rope in two and does mixed combination : 360 pivot with leg aside without help (0,3), stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4) and balance with leg in ring position (0,3 - photo 5). After that she does quite original split leap with turn on 369, where rope is lying between her working leg and back) and 0,4 pivot with body parallel to the ground and without additional step or support of heel she does pivot on 360 with help. After that she exchanges handling of rope behind back and still holds rope in 2. She starts flexibility combination here : tourlent with leg aside, spiral pivot (0,3) and leap with front leg higher than back
After that she starts required rope jump elements : 2 jumps with double rotation of rope (AV 0,1 each). Then she throws rope by foot from forwards illusion and one hand catches the end of the rope and another hand catches the middle of the rope. Having caught, she goes into 0,3 switch leap and does her wonderful pivot with rond of the leg from attitude to side position. Then she ties rope and does her last combination : cossack leap with turn on 360 during the flight (0,5) and high attitude (0,5). After that she throws behind back (0,1), does two rolls (0,1) and catches with foot on floor (0,2) Photo 5

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