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Anna Bessonova - Hoop routine 2002

 At the beginning of 2002 Anya was watching Swan Lake in the National opera house of Ukraine.And she thought : Why not use this music. And so appeared the most woderful and elegant routine of the year - Swan of Anna Bessonova, gymnast of classical style with clean lines and shapes. The music was taken from Molto Meno Mosso / Allegro - Valse - Allegro - Vivo / Finale - Andante - Allegro Agitatoo - Alla Breve - Moderato e Maestoso - Moderato / Moderato (from Swan Lake). The starting position is very significant (photo 1). As the music starts. Anya throws hoop and catches it after arch leap (0,3) in stag leap with back bent (TV 0,3). To finish leap combination Anya does stag leap with turn on 180 (TV 0,4). Then  goes 2nd "flexibility" combination of penche tourlent and ring leap with turn on 180.  Photo 1
Photo 2 After that she throws hoop again, does her wonderful 0,5 sissone leap with turn on 360, catches hoop and does stag leap with turn on 180 (back went). Then she does cossack leap with turn on 360 during the flight she does a roll of hoop on shoulder-arms (AV 0,1) and her wonderful pivot which is a rond of leg from attitude to alazgon (leg sideways at 90 degrees). Then she does super looking attitude with her supporting leg bent with rotating hoop and her hand (photo 2) and then goes next combination : stag leap (0,3) with roll of hoop (AV 0,2) , backscale pivot (0,4) while doing originality (AV 0,1) Ж : Front splits: back bend of the trunk and return during a 360  body rotation and rotation of the hoop on the vertical axis on the ankle. .
 Then she throws hoop in plate way and catches it in the first element of upcoming combination - leap with change of position of body on 180 (0,3), after that goes tourlent in split without help (TV 0,4) with work of hoop on working leg (AV 0,1) (photo 3) and illusion backwards (TV 0,3)After that she throws the hoop again (plate) and having gone around whole Anya's body lands on her toes (AV 0,1) (photo 4). There Anya form a beautiful body shape. Then she runs with hoop rotating on her foot (Av 0,1) and throws from leg in arch leap (AV 0,1). Having caught it in quite usual way, she does boomerang and prepares for throw with working leg in leap with both leg stretched and back bent (AV 0,1). Having caught hoop behind back (A 0,1), she starts new combination (pivots ) : 720 pivot with body parallel to ground (0,5), 360 pivot leg high without help (0,1) and 0,4 sissone with turn on 180 (photo 5)  Photo 3
Photo 4 Photo 5
Photo 6 Here goes the culmination of the routine. The music slows down and Anya starts rotating hoop on her leg and going in penche balance and irobesque, doing beautiful swan movements of hands at the same time (photo 6) Thesn she throws hoop from her leg and in next sequence she shows her expression by doing beautiful swan movements and steps (photo 7) and roll hoop on hands-back (photo 8). Then she stands, puts her leg up and does a tourlent on toe (TV 0,6) and 0,4 balance with leg high without help and body parallel to floor bent backwards. and to finish does a cabriole. 
Photo 7 Photo 8
 Then she throws hoop and catches it when going through it in a leap (0,2). Then without stopping work with hoop, she does a switch leap in split and without additional step does 1st balance with leg high sideways (TV 0,3) and without releve 2nd balance (leg front) - TV 0,3/ After that she throws hoop for the last time and catches after two rolls (AV 0,2) on leg (0,2). Finishes either with bent back backwards or in beautiful swan position (photo 9)  Photo 9

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