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Anna Bessonova - Hoop 2001

 I think that this routine was almost the only one in 2001, where a gymnast was able to combine great artistism and expression with difficult combination and work with apparatus. Composed in the beginning of 2001 by Irina under the music Raid on Leonesse (from First Knight) by Goldsmith, this hoop routine became a bomb and really impressed both judges and gymnasts from many countries. She starts the routine in a very simple position, but how much expression is in it! (photo 1). As the routine starts, she starts with leap combination - arch leap (0,3), stag leap with back bent (0,3) and stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4)  Photo 1

 Photo 2

Then Anya throws hoop behind shoulder and catches with oposite hand behind shoulder (AV 0,1 AV 0,1 - photo 2). Then she throws hoop and catches it in 0,4 switch leap with back bent (TV 0,4 AV 0,2), to continue leap combination she does arch leap (0,3) and balance with leg in ring position (0,3). After that she does some magical steps with rotation of hoop and having reached one of the corners of the carpet, she starts pivot combination - 1080 pivot in attitude (0,3), Dzoubchuk leap originality (kind of stag leap with turn on 180 - 0,3) and 360 pivot with leg aside without help (0,3)
 After that Anya changes handling of hoop by doing rotations of hoop over the head and exchanges behind back. Then Bessonova throws hoop (plate) and catches it with straight rotation of hoop over body in cossack with turn on 180 (AV 0,2 TV 0,4) and to finish balance combination she does 2 balances - 0,3 balance with leg aside with roll of hoop on shoulder-arms, front balance with work of hoop on working leg (TV 0,3 AV 0,1 - photo 3). After that she throws hoop again, does a leap from two legs and turn on 360, leap from two legs in air and turn on 360 (0,2) and balance with body parallel to the ground bent backwards (0,4)

 Photo 3

Photo 4

Then goes pivot combination, which is started by cossack leap with turn on 360 during the flight (0,5), 360 pivot in needlestand (0,4 - photo 4) and 360 pivot with leg aside with help (0,1). Having done the combination, Anya takes a rest and show her great expression and understand of music by doing rotations of hoop on her hand, but soon she has to throw hoop again and catch by going through it in A split leap (TV 0,1 AV 0,2). Then she puts hoop on her foot, raises that leg in irobesque position and hoop rotates on working leg. To finish the combination, Anya does ring leap with turn on 180 (0,5).
After that she does 0,4 leap wth turn of body on 180 and roll of hoop over shoulder-arms during the flight (AV 0,2). Having finished in an upper right corner, she starts a combination by doing combination with leg aside, spiral turn from one leg and turn on 360 and leap from two legs with one higher than another (photo 5). After that Anya does illusion backwards (0,3), stag leap with back bent (0,3) and flexibility element with turn on 180 in backscale (0,3). After that she moves straight by doing 0,3 switch leap, 0,4 penche pivot and leap from one leg (0,2). To finish the routine, she does double roll under hoop and catch on foot (AV 0,1). Finishes in an expressive position on floor (photo 6) Photo 5

Photo 6

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