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Anna Bessonova - Clubs 2002

 This routine was composed for Anya in beginning of 2002 by Irina Deruigina under music Swordish remix. The starting position is quite original. Anya holds one club on her head and another club on her foot (photo 1). As the music starts, she takes club from her head (photo 2) and throws another one with her foot.(photo 3). Then she does some expressive movements and extends herself on arm (photo 4) and shows the "techno-electronic" style of the routine Then she throws one club, does forward walkover and catches club in it. Then she throws   club again behind back and catches it  below working leg in ring leap with turn on 180 degrees and then does 0,5 balance (leg high in attitude)  Photo 1
 Photo 2  Photo 3
 Photo 4 Then she throws club again beind back and having caught it goes into round serie of mill with changr of position of body (AV 0,2). Then goes next combination - pvot in backscale, stag leap with turn on 180 and spiral pivot from one leg on 360. After tat she throws both clubs below leg on normal A leap (AV 0,2) (photo 5) and catches it in backscale (AV 0,2)/ After that she does fish balance with supporting leg bent and doing 3 movements of appratus, cabriol with turn on 180 and 0,4 balance (body parallel to the groun) with doing assymetric work with clubs then (0,1). 
 Then Anya does arch leap (0,3), balance 0,3 (leg sideways) and another 0,3 (leg in front). Then she does a tourlent and cossack turn on 360. After that, she throws club behind hand and cathes it in first of 2 stag leaps with back bent. The she puts club on her neck and does penche tourlent on 360 degrees (0,5) and 0,5 balance  (high attitude). After goes pivot combination , which is started by a stag leap with back bent and turn, 720 pivot with help and 360 degree pivot without help during which she throws both clubs and catches at the end of the pivot (AV 0,1) After that she throws one club, does double roll, catches cluba and does 3rd roll Photo 5
Photo 6  Afterwards she does balance combination on knee, which consists of two 0,3 balance (leg sideways and leg in front (photo 6) and forwards walkover with fixation of position (0,4). Then she does last combination, which starts by wonderful pivot with rond of the leg from attitude to sideways (0,4), sissone with leg stretched with turn on 180 (TV 0,4) (photo 7) and leap from one leg with turn on 360 (TV 0,2). Then goes finish position (photo 8) 
Photo 7 Photo 8

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Photo 8 (c) Dirk Zimmerman