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Anna Bessonova - Ball 2002

 This routine was composed by Irina Deruigina in beginning of 2002. This music is from Pearl Harbour film. At first Anya heard music and then Irina Ivaovna Deruigina adviced Anya to watch the movie, which she liked very much. She starts in a magical position when her trunk is on the carpet and ball  is lying on her knees (photo 1). As the music starts, ball rolls on her body (AV 0,1). Then Anya takes the ball and pushes the ball between her legs (photo 2), makes them in split and "rolls" body over the ball. After that she does 1st combinatiuon by doing walkover forwards with fixation of position in backscale (TV 0,4), tourlent with trunk parallel to the ground and leg in split without help (0,5) and balance - leg high with help sideways (0,1)  Photo 1
 Photo 2  Then she spends some seconds by doing some hand movements and make the ball live. After that she throw ball behind back (AV 0,1) and catches behind back with 2 hands (AV 0,1). Here goes wonderful pivot combination which consists of Anya's favourite pivot with rond of leg from attitude position sideways and stag leap with back bent and turn. After that she does pivot in backscale with her ball held between body and working leg (photo 3) (TV 0,4 AV 0,2), stag leap with turn on 180 and spiral pivot from one leg with turn on 360 (TV 0,3)
 After that she throws ball behind back and catches it by going in walkover backwards landing on floor (AV 0,1). Then she does backscale to stand up (0,3), stag leap with turn on 180 (0,4) and double illusion backwards. Afterwards Anya does big throw of ball, arch leap (0,3), in stag leap with back bent ball beats from Anya's hands (TV 0,3, AV 0,1) and she catches it before next element and puts it on her breast and does 0,4 balance with body parallel to ground bent backwards.After that she throws ball from 2 hands (AV 0,1) and catches it with shoulders behind back and get's bonus there as well (photo 4)  Photo 3
Photo 4 Then Anya does next combination by doing penche tour lent (0,5) with ball on her back (photo 4) and 0,4 leap - sissone with turn on 180 and back bent. Afterwards Anya starts leap combination after chausee by doing stag leap with back bent (0,3), then arch leap where she throws ball below leg (TV 0,3, AV 0,1) and catches it during 0,3 pivot (leg high without help and turn on 360). Tehn she changes hand holding ball form left to right, does 360 cossack leap (TV 0,5), where she also exchanges hands below working leg, balance (0,3 with body parallel to ground with 1 technical movement of ball) (photo 5) and illusion backwards. (0,3)
Photo 5 Photo 6
 Photo 7  Then Anya does pivot combination : 720 pivot leg hgh without help  (0,4), 360 pivot with body parallel to the groun (0,4) and leap from one leg with turn on 360 (0,2). Then Anya gets some points for artistic value by doing a roll of ball during a normal split leap (AV 0,1) and beat from leg in cossack leap (0,1). Then goes Anya's last combination - stag leap with back bent and turn on 180 (0,5) and 0,2 leap from two legs and turn on 360. Then she throws ball, does 2 rolls under it and catches in legs. One of Anya's imrovisated finish positions from Europeans in Granda is shown on photo 7

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Photo 1 (c) Veneta Avramova
Photo 2 (c) Tom Theobald