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Anna Bessonova - Ball 2001

 This routine is among the ones produced under the influence of the film "Gladiator". Music has 2 pieces : Barbarian Horde  and  To Zucchabar both by Hans Zimmer. This music helped Anya to open more under the strict New COP, where it's extremely difficult to show expression and artistism, but Anya can cope with the role pretty well.She starts the routine lying on the floor with one of her legs over the ball (photo 1). As the music starts, she turns to lie on back and does big roll of ball over body (AV 0,1)  


Then Anya does some expressionful movements of body over ball, but she needs to start her first balance combination on knee - leg sideways in split (0,3 - photo 2) leg frontways in split with ball lying on the chest (0,3) and forwards walkover where the ball is hold between hands. After that Anya moves from the centre of the carpet to a corner by doing split leap, where she throws ball from front leg (AV 0,1) and catches behind back in side balance. 
To finish she does leap from 1 leg and turn on 360 during the flight (0,2). After that Anya produces some wonderful pivots : 720 pivot with leg sideways without help (0,4), 360 pivot with trunk parallel to the floor (0,4), 720 pivot leg sideways with help (0,2) and jump from two legs in air (0,2), with roll of ball (AV 0,1) Then Bessonova throws ball behind shoulder (AV 0,1), catches, throws again on chausse and catches in arch leap (TV 0,3 AV 0,2). To finish the combination she does a side balance (0,3) and illusion backwards (0,3 - photo 4)


 Having done that, Anya immediately starts an extremely difficult combination with uniting elements without additional step : 720 pivot with leg in front parallel to the floor (0,3), 360 attitude pivot (0,1) and 360 tourlent in penche position (0,5) with ball lying on the back. For that combination Anya gets 0,1+0,1 for difficult uniting the elements.After that she does originality of Dzoubchuk (0,3) - stag leap with back bent and turn on 180 during the flight, rond of the leg from side position to back and penche balance, where ball beats from chest to floor
the music starts to get much lauder and Anya throws ball behind back and having caught, does switch leap (0,3) and high attitude balance (0,5) with roll of the ball over shoulder-arms. After that  Anya starts another difficult combination - she throws ball, catches it in stag leap (TV 0,3 AV 0,2), performs arch leap where she throws ball behind leg (TV 0,3 AV 0,1)  and side balance (0,3), where ball is straight rolled after catch on shoulder arms. Then Anya puts ball on her back and does a penche tourlent (0,5 - photo 5) with beautiful movements of hands and ring leap with turn on 180 (0,5)


After that she does cossack leap with turn on 360 durin the flight (0,5), where she changes handling of ball and double illusion backwards without putting the working leg on floor or touching the floor with hand (0,5). Her finishing combination are strong - she does 180 turn in backscale (0,4) and stag leap with turn on 360 (0,4), after which she quickly throws ball and catches it in backscale (TV 0,2 AV 0,2). To finish she does illusion and roll under the ball in air and catches the apparatus on floor with her arms without eye control (AV 0,2). She finishes the routine in the same position as starting pose, but ball is in her hands. (photo 6)

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