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Elena Vitrichenko's husband forbids her to tell bad anecdotes

Straight after the wedding Lena Vitrichenko moved to live with her husband. They have a flat with 2 floors. Downstairs is a big dining room. In the hall upstairs there is a billiards, a little gym and a cage with alive puma. From the hall goes a corridor, which leads to a sleeping room and a cabinet

- And where is your husband, - we asked Lena.

- He doesn't like journalists. He says he doesn't need it

- How!? - shouted our photograph Sergey. - Not to like journalist is not to like own children!

We took a bottle of champaign, but Lena refused to drink. It's forbidden. And not because of trainings. Guess yourself. We, of course, have guessed, but decided not to right about it, because you, dear readers, have guessed as well, but it's still a big secret (the interview was written before Lena's child David was born - author)

- And now, Lena, please tell us how it turned out that you, serious girl, champion, so fast got married?

- If to be true, I don't know myself how it happened. My mom worried a lot that I can't find at least a good boyfriend for me. I was already 24 and she asked all our friends to invite me everywhere and get acquainted with everybody. I was very pessimistic about this idea, but did it because of respect to my mom. They tried really hard, but nothing happened. I'm a very requiring person and I can't stand silly things from men. In my life I chatted more with adults and by deal. My mom was a coach and was taking me to competitions since I was 5 and around me there were always people who were older - her colleagues. I couldn't really talk to people, who were aged the same as me. It wasn't interesting. It was nice to talk to smart people. And once Zhenya Ribchinskyi phoned me and told that another men wants to meet me. That's how I came to the dinner with Zhenya and Lesha.

- You had a dinner and...

- Lesha asked for my phone number. Then he phoned and invited me for dinner to the same restaurant. I agreed. And even though I can't remember now what we were talking about, I can say I was really infatuated.

- Men are so cunning! And how did he conjure you?

- He got me when he said he has a puma, but of course not only by this. We met just before I went to my mom to Spain. Aleksey drove me to the airport. In two weeks he phoned me and asked : "If I come to Madrid, will you drink coffee with me?". "I'll drink coffee", - I answered. We walked around Madrid with him and my mom for two days. In a month when I returned, he asked me to be his wife. I agreed

- After 2 dinners and two days in Madrid with mom?

- Why? After I returned, we spent another 3 days together and on the fourth one he gave me his heart.

- On the fourth day! And if he turned out to be a manic, bet you to the death?

- Of course I asked my friends who is he. I was told only good things about him. Certainly I risked and he risked. In the end risk turned out to be successful

- And of course first night was after the wedding?

- No, but it happened after Lesha proposed me to marry him. We had time till the wedding (1,5 month) to check our feelings. As soon as it happened, I moved to Lesha's house.

- Perhaps your mom was terrified?

- She was happy that I've chosen somebody because she always trusted my decisions

- We see by the flat that Lesha is a rich person and if was just a simple worker? Did you know who you marry?

- I didn't know anything. In that moment I wasn't worried about that - it was just interesting for me with him. i trust Zhenya and I don't think he'll show me a bad person. Even now I'm still surprised that I didn't think of his position.

- When did you understand that you love Alexey?

- As soon as he asked me to marry him

- And earlier nobody proposed you to marry?

- Of course, proposed. But as soon as a man asked me to be his wife, we had a huge role. And I understood that I can't live with him for the whole life. It was all different with Lesha.

- Why did you hurry with the wedding so much?

- It was Lesha, who hurried with the registration. He was afraid that I change my mind. He arranged wedding to 9th of the morning and got me out of the bad early.

- Why did he worry so much?

- It's an old story and Lesha knew about it. I was going out with one of Olimpic Champions in Artistic gymnastics (Alexey Nemov - writers). He had so many girlfriends, but we went everywhere together with him . I was counted as his official bride, but at one and the same time he flirted with my friends. I didn't like him and crossed him out of my life. After that I had a feeling of disappointment in men for a long time.

- Was it difficult to get used to a new flat?

- When I first came here, puma started to lick me, so that meant she liked me. Lesha likes how I cook. And his tastes coincided with my opportunities. He is not requiring and I can understand quite well what should I do.

- And what do you cook?

- I do borscht, cutlets, different hot dishes. He doesn't like fish.

- And does he make you wash the dishes?

- Why makes? I wash it myself. I was always a cooker at home, however, mom was usually washing dishes. Of course, at first it was difficult to get used to, but I managed. I bought a pair of gloves and washing dishes became my hobbies.

- Difference in age of 15 years doesn't make a gap for you? Perhaps you would like to go to disco with friends, to chat, and the solid man would like his wife to cook in the kitchen in a  dressing gown - it's the fundament of family life for every person!

- Lesha doesn't make me wear dressing gowns. I don't like them and I simply don't have any. It's not interesting for me to attend discos - I danced a lot in the choreography hall. I just like to sit in some kind of quiet, cozy place and just talk

- We don't believe. Maybe Alexey likes how you dance

- He just doesn't leave me alone. He doesn't like anybody look on me

- And what disturbs him?

- No, he likes everything. He just wants me to get dressed beautifully. Yesterday he didn't allow me go to my mom in a sports suit.

- It is told that real relations start after 1st row. Did you quarrel?

- Even till the wedding, but after it everything is ok.

- Why did first row happen?

- I've told a bad anecdote. And Lesha said that his wife should never tell such words. I agreed. I never say rude words, but it was just an anecdote. Now I didn't tell them

- How does his mom take you?

- I think that not bad? However, she read about the wedding in newspapers after a week. When she knew who I am, she phoned and told his son : "You know that I like most of all to watch figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics on TV!", His mom lives in Yalta. Lesha has no time to get us acquainted.

- Lesha's flat is a usual single flat with billiards and big hall. How can a champion give drinks to his friends when they gather to have fun?

- Lesha has no single friends. And all are very nice people. When they come, Lesha asks : "Lenochka, bring us something to drink". And I want to give him something pleasant as well. Everything comes from my soul. I can't and I don't want to struggle against him, because I love him!

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