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Interview with Anna Bessonova at Deruigina Cup 2002

- Anya, your new routine with clubs is really different from the ones you had earlier. Why did you decide to do such routine?

- Irina Ivanovna proposed me to try, I wanted to do something new and I thought that perhaps new good routine will appear. And it's simply great! My style is changing and it's good we want to show it

- Did a new master who creates leotards appear in Ukrainian team?

- The leotard for clubs was created by Irina Ivanovna and painter Agnessa Pastuhova. She can really do a great leotard for us and group members

- What routine is the best for you now?

- I think that clubs or hoop - it depends on my mood

- The expression in hoop is very well seen - Swan. And in clubs?

- There is no special thing I try to show in this routie. We just wanted to combine everything strange, dancing and modern in the disco style

- Do you think that the medals you were given from Worlds 2001 are true?

- I can't say that it's pleasant for me, but it wasn't our fault. I don't feel and I even sometimes forget that I'm now on 3rd place in all-round. I don't have those medals and only newspapers write about it. I don't feel I won a medal

- Does it happen that you have rows with Toma on trainings?

- Yes, but it goes away very fast?

- Who says "Sorry" first?

- We just look on each other and everything goes away. There are many nerves on trainings and it's often difficult to slow down. We understand it

- Tell me about your usual work day?

- From 8 fill 9.30 we have choreography, then training to 12 or to 1 p.m - it depends. Then we have a rest and from 3 o'clock is second training and it finishes when we do good as well. Our schedule changes very often. Irina Ivanovna works out our schedule and before each competition we have new schedule of work

- Yesterday and today you and Toma got all gold and silver medals. Will you get a free day for that tomorrow?

- I don't know yet because soon we should go on a competition to France and it can turn out that we will have training since morning tomorrow. However, nobody have said a word about it

- Yesterday I asked Sasha Timoshenko about her favourite gymanst and she named you. Do you remember trainings of Sasha and Oksana and what memories do you have from them?

- Then I looked on them as they were Gods, because they did beautiful things and difficult elements. I couldn't think then that I will do the same, I was very little. They were my favourite gymnasts then and are now

- Did they help you on trainings?

- No, I was very little then and trained with my mom and afterwards they retired and moved. I saw them again only now, when they become very old

- Who is the best junior in Deruigins school? Anna Fateyeva?

- We have a lot of good children now, but a lot of work should be done with them. There are many perspectives. I don't want to say who is the strongest of our children, because they are very little and they don't need to know it. Let them train like they train

- Isn't it boring to compete without Alina and Ira?

- Yes, it's quite boring and spectators didn't get used to the absence of such bright stars from Russia. We can do nothing to that, it's life. It happened and couldn't be another

- Did you become more careful and if there is running nose or cough, do you check the medicines?

- We were always careful and tried coach to know what we take, what kinds of medicines, so that everything was ok

- I think you have no problems with weight. Nevertheless, how do you control your food?

- I don't have problems with weight. When a gymnast is in a good sports shape, she has no problems. If you train worse or you had a break, then you should limit yourself with food. I can eat everything I want, but not a lot/

- If Irina Ivanovna sees that you eat a pie, what will she say?

- It depends on the day and on the situation

- Today?

- I think it's normal

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